Thank you to my colleagues and friends for these kind words.

“A class act. James produces work of the highest quality and doesn’t shy away from challenging the status quo. He is a web expert both from a technical and usability point of view.”

“James’ understanding of easy to use on-line and mobile experience is exceptional.”

“A great ideas man with a rare combination of technical knowledge and commercial / business applications expertise.”

“Having worked with James on several projects, I see him as a visionary, someone with an astute awareness of what’s going on. He can develop ideas and communicate them in such a fashion that even we (software developers) get excited.”

“James has a good eye for finding what is essential and what is frivolous.”

“James has a great depth of knowledge of the product development process and very strong analytical skills.”

“A good communicator, passionate and very capable.”

“If you have a business, and are looking to grow, one of my first recommendations would be to get someone on your side that makes you sit once a month and look at the macros. If you don’t have this person in your entourage, I would recommend you to contact James and see if he can help you.”

“The ‘go to’ person on anything to do with the user experience. Always looking to challenge the thinking with the end user in mind. Forward thinking, creative and productive. An online evangelist! Building user experience you’d want him in your team.”