Live sound

Being in a band (see ‘Drumming‘), it really pays to get your sound sorted out. We learned early on the value of having a dedicated sound guy and decent gear. It’s not about being the loudest, but having everything clear and balanced. Decent sound leads to more bookings.

At the time I was involved in a local music festival, raising thousands of pounds each year for local and global charities. It seemed like having our own gear could be doubly useful. A good friend had spent time working as a sound engineer and I had some experience mixing bands from my gap year that turned into two years.

And so – Backwell PA was born. It’s not really a professional outfit – we only take the bookings that we fancy and that sound fun. We have provided a professional experience however for festivals, gigs, weddings, comedy, village shows, a general election count and more than one dog show.

It can be hard work, but so much fun – and completely different to the day job.

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