Gym & fitness

I had never been much of a sportsman. The classic ‘picked last’ kid, my efforts had extended to some third class rugby and rowing at school and a cancelled gym membership in my twenties. I owned a bike for short rides (summer only) and I did enjoy the occasional swim.

A couple of years ago though, a friend was raising money for a good cause with a big event. Unable to attend, I bought more raffle tickets than I normally would and ended up winning the top prize – three months trial for the whole family at my local gym and spa. My initial thought was that I could sit in the hot tub while the family enjoyed a swim, however, to my surprise, the lack of a competitive nature and the almost instant results in fitness, health and strength proved strangely addictive.

Despite suffering the dodgiest of knees, over the course of a year I worked up to my first 10K race and put in a respectable time. I have kept membership going and have really enjoyed working my way around the equipment and weights.


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