I was 39 years old, having a drink with a few mates at the local village club. Talk turned to regrets about our youth. “I wish I’d learned a musical instrument and formed a band,” someone said. Maybe it was me.

I could never afford an instrument; I had nowhere to rehearse; I didn’t have like-minded friends; I was too young to have a van to drive to gigs; All these excuses no longer existed. “Why don’t we do it now?” someone said. Maybe it was me.

And so, I bought a drum kit and began to learn to play.

Ten years on, three different bands, hundreds of rehearsals and dozens of gigs this is one of the best things I’ve ever done with my life and some of the most fun times I’ve ever had (although there’s a lot of gear to carry). From early gigs to one man and his dog to packed out pubs, village halls and festival fields. I’m not the best drummer in the world, not even the best drummer in the village (he’s headlined Glastonbury), but I’m so glad I decided that it wasn’t too late to begin.

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