Who doesn’t like to laugh?

I like to laugh a lot. Luckily, the current Mrs Routley does too. We’ve been to see a great many stand-up comedians and shows, and managed to catch many big stars before they were famous such as Harry Hill and Michael Macintyre. We enjoy catching the big names when they come around on tour, but also love to see the up and coming local acts in the bars and clubs around the City.

I have one of those faces that says, “Pick on me – it’ll be really easy,” which can make things interesting. I’ve been immortalised on DVD as a result. I once ended up on TV by mistake, but that’s a long story.

I know you can barely see him in the picture, but here is TV’s Russell Howard performing a small gig at a pub in Bristol as part of a tour warm-up.

I managed to combine two of my hobbies in one by also mixing the sound.

Below is a photo of the time we met Katherine Ryan after her show in London.

Despite my love of all things comedic, I’ve only managed to visit the Edinburgh Fringe festival once. It’s definitely an experience I’d like to repeat.

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